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Appliance repair service Mayo


Walmsley Appliance and Shower Services started in Mayo in 1993. From service and repair of appliances and repair of white goods we grew to also service showers and repair electrical showers installed in our customers houses. As showers come in various types (electric showers & mixer showers or pumped mixer showers)  we can service all makes and models of appliance, electric shower service and repair, mixer shower service & repair and pumps serviced and pumps repaired.


We service most major brands of electrical home appliances in Central & South Mayo and shower equipment in all of Co. Mayo and we extend our service area to include Mayo appliance repairs so if your looking for washing machine repair in Mayo or dishwasher repair near me, appliance repair near me, washing machine repair near me or shower repair near me you have found the best Appliance repair service in the West of Ireland – bar none!

Walmsley appliance services are based outside Westport and we are happy to provide you with an estimate for your appliance service or repair requirement. Get in touch with Walmsley appliance repair services by clicking here and fill out the contact form or phone mobile : 087 8120341

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We strive to provide a high standard of service to all appliances out of guarantee, regardless of brand or place of purchase, at a reasonable cost.

The Problem may be smaller than you think – ( Just like our call charges ! ). Many faults and fault codes on appliances such as a washing machine can be easily repaired. The washing machine and many other kitchen appliances have modern complex systems and interfaces but underneath the ‘hood’ the same motors and pumps make the technology work. So a simple problem with a washing machine motor can be resolved such as washing machine motor brushes replaced – and volia !  Problem fixed.

As well as appliances technicians we are qualified Electricians, and can advise on all problems relating to electrical installations and safety.

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